Modern Moviemaking Manifesto

modern moviemaking manifesto

I am going to share the Modern Moviemaking Manifesto with you. After this, you're going to know yourself a little better as a filmmaker. And to get the ball rolling, I have a question for you: What's the biggest filmmaking failure you must avoid? Ok, this is gonna sound obvious... But the answer is: Making a movie NOBODY CARES about! (Which is sort of the same as making … [Read more...]

Film Business Plan

Many first time feature filmmakers get very overwhelmed when they start thinking about a business plan for their independent feature. While there are many software programs that can help you structure the format of a formal filmmaking business plan, I'll provide a few things to throw in: 1. Who is behind this project? 2. What's the market like? 3. Describe your motion … [Read more...]

Become friends with investors for your movie

Often filmmakers get choked up when it comes to finding investors for their movie. Yes, we all know film is a speculative investment, and a bad one at that. Yes, we’ve all heard that a dentist is probably the most likely source of potential investment dollars. And finally, we all know that you need to sell potential investors on the glamor of filmmaking before they will buy … [Read more...]