The Atomos Shogun


How The Atomos Shogun Shows Filmmakers What They Are Capturing - by Michael Head DSLR filmmakers have a distinct need to see what they are shooting, including framing, exposure and focus. The challenge is, DSLRs typically have small screens on the back of the camera, which are not ideal for viewfinding (even with the movable screens many DSLRs now feature.) Enter the … [Read more...]

The Sony A7s Camera

Sony A7s

Thoughts On The Sony A7s Camera by Michael Head I once had a cinematography professor tell me that the video DSLR trend is just a fad. But for whatever reasons, camera manufacturers didn't hear his message. New and more powerful cameras are coming out everyday, and each model strives to be better then the one before it. This makes it hard to be a tech-nerd in the film … [Read more...]

Is The Panasonic GH4 Your Dream Camera?

Panasonic GH4

Is The Panasonic GH4 Your Dream Camera? By filmmaker Michael Head The future of production for the foreseeable future is 4K. This is true even if the majority of distribution will remain at 1080P and 2K for a while. But each day we get closer and closer to wide stream 4K distribution, be it through Netflix or even YouTube. That leaves camera manufacturers in a very … [Read more...]

DSLR filmmaking guides

If you're part of the filmmaking stuff community, you probably saw my email about a DSLR resources that I was evaluating. After sending the email, one of our readers (named Jonathan) responded with another good recommendation. So now instead of just one DSLR resource, I can provide you with two. 1. - Overall, it's a no fluff guide for any … [Read more...]