How To Design Your Movie Poster (For The VOD Age)

How To Design Your Movie Poster

How To Design Your Movie Poster is a guest post by film graphic designer, Ela Gancarz Having a good movie art is very important if you want to sell your film. And although the need to design your movie poster may seem secondary in digital distribution era, you should always consider that most video on demand marketplaces will require your art in a relatively large … [Read more...]

Logo Design For Filmmakers Part 2


Designing a logo is no easy task and it is always better to hire a professional graphic designer to do it. However, if you'd like to know how to design a logo for your filmmaking business, this short tutorial will show you some basic steps to follow. As an example, we are going to create a production company called “Byway Films”. FONT First of all, we need to do some … [Read more...]

How To Brand Yourself As A Filmmaker


How To Brand Yourself As A Filmmaker (Part 1) By filmmaker and graphic designer, Ela Gancarz Everyone’s talking about personal branding these days, but not everyone understands what it does and why it's important. As a filmmaker, you might be thinking to yourself, “do I really have to care about my brand?” In today's Internet focused world, personal branding is no longer … [Read more...]