How To Achieve Your Filmmaking Goals Fast

Filmmaking Goals

How To Achieve Your Filmmaking Goals Fast by Filmmaker Jeff Orig As filmmakers, we dream big. Perhaps we want to win an Academy Award one day; change people’s lives with our stories; or just make a full-time living from our craft. Most of us are not taught how to achieve our filmmaking goals and dreams but this is a learnable skill. Like anything getting things done takes … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Success Mindset

filmmaking success mindset

Getting your filmmaking work noticed requires persistence, tenacity and an unyielding ability to overcome obstacles and keep going, even when doing so seems impossible and crazy. Just over a decade ago, I was stuck on my small town, living with my parents. No other vocation appealed to me more than filmmaking. Back then I had no idea my aspirations would take me from my … [Read more...]

Filmmaker Game Plan: 3 Steps For Filmmaking Success

Filmmaker Game Plan Large

Another year is upon us.  And as a filmmaker, a few things happened over the last 365 days. Either you: 1. Got closer to your filmmaking goals. 2. You changed your filmmaking goals. 3. Or you did nothing... If you chose #3 (and did noting), don't feel bad. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I'm speaking from experience. Back when I decided to move to NYC, I waited at least three … [Read more...]

How To Brand Yourself As A Filmmaker


How To Brand Yourself As A Filmmaker (Part 1) By filmmaker and graphic designer, Ela Gancarz Everyone’s talking about personal branding these days, but not everyone understands what it does and why it's important. As a filmmaker, you might be thinking to yourself, “do I really have to care about my brand?” In today's Internet focused world, personal branding is no longer … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Goals For This Year

After speaking at quite a few filmmaking events, I realize that many filmmakers have the passion and drive to be successful. But often, these same filmmakers fail to take action. And the result of inaction means that many filmmakers will never make their movie. I started Filmmaking Stuff because I wanted to help filmmakers make movies and also, create a self sustaining movie … [Read more...]