Screenwriting: 5 Tips For New Screenwriters

screenplay writing

Screenwriting is a tricky art. Long before I started producing my own movies, I worked for a development company. Part of my job was reading screenplays. At first, I thought reading screenplays was an AWESOME job. I have to admit. I felt pretty cool leaving the NYC office each night with three to five screenplays in my bag. On the subway, I would pull out a screenplay … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Tools You Can Use Today


If you're a member of the Filmmaking Stuff newsletter as well as our Facebook group you probably know that we try very hard to answer every moviemaking question you send. Now, granted sometimes we get busy. So, I wanted to provide you with a list of useful, no-fluff filmmaking tools. (Disclosure: Where possible, I included affiliate links. If you don't want to buy anything … [Read more...]

Free Screenwriting Software

Lets face it, sometimes all this filmmaking stuff can get a little expensive... Especially filmmaking software. So in the event you do not own professional screenwriting software like Final Draft, you're in luck. Mindstar Productions currently offers a screenwriting software program called Cinergy Script Editor (CSE). The best part? It's free! I tried it and the … [Read more...]