Filmmaking 5 Tips For Throwing A Rough Cut Screening Party

No matter how awesome you think your movie is, there are always a gazillion ways to improve it. Yesterday we had a screening of Career Courier. It's a movie by Kenton Hoppas. I'm a producer on the flick, with a lot of my duties falling into the range of what Jon Reiss calls a PMD (producer of marketing and distribution). Part of my responsibility is to help Kenton (and other … [Read more...]

Filmmaker David Allen Talks Modern Moviemaking and VOD Distribution

The Gates of Hell Movie Cast & Crew

As we get closer to an independent filmmaking business driven by video on demand distribution, I am on the hunt for various case studies that can help filmmakers navigate the changing world. I caught wind of an indie production company based in Australia called Rapidfire Productions. This is a production company that operates as a self sustaining modern moviemaking business. … [Read more...]