Delegate To Your Filmmaking Team

Delegate To Your Filmmaking Team

Trust in filmmaking is essential. The reason you have a crew is because together the sum of the collaboration is better than what you can do on your own. Additionally, having a good crew will make your job easier. Think about it. The sound department captures sound. The camera department makes sure the equipment works and captures footage. And craft services will make sure … [Read more...]

LinkedIn For Filmmakers

Over the past year, I really started using LinkedIn more and more to promote both myself and my projects. While LinkedIn has some of the same features as other social networking sites - like your ability to search for friends and contacts, the LinkedIn culture is geared towards business networking, which makes it vastly different than twitter or Facebook. As a result, the … [Read more...]

Pick Your Filmmaking Team

As a filmmaker, your success relies on other people willing to help you realize your movie projects. The problem is, many would-be filmmakers surround themselves with toxic people. The great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar always says, “You can't fly with the eagles if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.” And I believe this is true. Take a moment and think of the … [Read more...]

Building Your Filmmaking Team

If you look at my movie credits, you'll see that I've been working with the same crew on almost every project. This is not by accident. The truth is, making movies is challenging. And from my perspective, bringing unknown people into the process makes everything even more challenging and (often) complicated. But you have to start somewhere. So for those of you planning to … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Tip: How to make it in Hollywood.

Making movies is both awesome and incredibly challenging. And becoming a professional filmmaker requires a certain amount of dedication that is easy to talk about - but not always easy to live by. In my filmmaking career, I've experienced heartache as well as the surreal, super exciting moments that come when people get to know me and my work. Making stories and building an … [Read more...]