How to Break Into The Film Industry

How To Break Into The Film Industry

If you're wondering how to break into the film industry, you're not alone. Nearly every successful filmmaker has started from nowhere. The problem is, there is a big catch 22 in the industry. Unless you're known, nobody will take your calls or read your screenplays or produce your ideas. And unless you get your work produced, it is really tough to become "know." When I … [Read more...]

Future filmmaking BOOK Coming Soon!


For those of you following filmmaking stuff, you know that I have been working on an awesome and comprehensive filmmaking book for quite some time. I am pleased to announce that the filmmaking book is almost complete. (Update - the book is complete and available here.) One of the biggest challenges I had was coming up with a title. Thankfully one of our Filmmaking Stuff … [Read more...]

How To Design A DVD Cover


I know what you're thinking - Why is this filmmaking, modern moviemaking advocate of internet VOD distribution talking to you about how to design a DVD cover? Because... Regardless of distribution technology, your audience still values the visual representation of your movie as a tangible product. And in ways akin to marketing an eBook via Amazon Kindle, you still need a … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Articles

If you're looking for filmmaking articles, please let us know. Our goal at Filmmaking Stuff is to provide a comprehensive overview of the filmmaking process. So far, the website provides filmmaking articles that cover the spectrum for independent filmmakers. Have a look around. We welcome your feedback. Please let us know what kind of fimmaking articles you would like to read - … [Read more...]