Filmmaking Lesson 20 Film Festivals

FILM FESTIVALS Film festivals offer a great way to get your movie seen on the big screen in front of a living audience.  I mean, it's enough to make you lose some sleep with excitement. I remember one of our earliest festivals. We were invited to some private party in a fancy hotel in Hollywood. There were a few celebrities and respected indie filmmakers milling … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Lesson 19 Edit Your Movie

Editing your movie is the final rewrite of your film. This is the time when you add all sorts of amazing layers to your work and smooth out the rough edges and finally - complete the picture. EDIT YOUR  MOVIE When you reach this point in the filmmaking process, prepare to sit for hours in a dark edit suite. Now, even if you've edited your previous shorts - with a feature, … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Lesson 16 Local Publicity

As they say, when trying to promote a movie that folks have otherwise not heard of, all ink is potentially good ink. And in this regard, even if you're producing your movie somewhere locally you need make sure you present your marketing message with consistency. I say this because, regardless of publication or geography, most anything written about your movie will end up on … [Read more...]

Free 21 Part Filmmaking mini Course

Filmmaking Stuff is offering a free 21 part mini course. If you've never made a movie before, but want to, the course will outline the basics. You will receive 21 lessons packed full of all the "gee, I wish I then what I know now" sort of stuff designed to help you advance your filmmaking career. To sign up, simply look to the right ---> … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Lesson 15 Hollywood Publicity

Publicity is great. Especially when it's free. And especially when the publicity is international. When we produced our first zombie movie, we had the great fortune of being profiled in a national entertainment magazine. In fact, once the magazine hit the stands, so many people flooded our website that our server went bonkers. HOLLYWOOD PUBLICITY Getting publicity for … [Read more...]