How To Find Movie Investors


Every business has a sales cycle. This is no different for the independent filmmaking business. Having a long term perspective and patience is essential. The trouble is, as an ambitious filmmaker…

Planning Your First Feature

plan first feature

Planning your first feature can at times seem overwhelming. In this guest filmmaking article, filmmaker provides some useful tactics.

How To Become a Director

How To Become A Director

Have you ever wondered how to become a director? As a filmmaker, bringing your vision to life and sharing your story with the world is one of the primary reasons you make movies.

Filmmaking Lesson 1 Create Your Film Goals

Jason Brubaker Filmmaking Goals

Since starting Filmmaking Stuff some years ago, the entire world of filmmaking has changed. As a result, I thought it would be good to provide you with a script to screen, filmmaking series. Over the next few days, you are going to receive an update of the popular, 21 Part Moviemaking Mini-course. (So make sure […]