Gary King Talks Filmmaking


Jason Brubaker Tell me about your background in filmmaking. When did you start making features? Gary King I didn't attend any formal film school. So to learn the craft, I just dove in and made my first short film in 2003.  I hired a film student graduate to help me produce the film and I basically job shadowed her to experience the various stages of production. Jason … [Read more...]

Should You Go To Film School?

If you're just starting out as a filmmaker, deciding if you should attend a traditional film school is something you need to decide. And it's a costly decision - some of my friends here in Los Angeles are over fifty-thousand dollars in debt. While most of my friends value having a college education, all agree that having a  film school degree will not guarantee success in … [Read more...]

Indie PMD With Jon Reiss and Sheri Candler


Jon Reiss and Sheri Candler stopped by Filmmaking Stuff a few months back to discuss the  new role of the indie PMD. For those of you who aren't aware of the term - PMD stands for producer of marketing and distribution. It's a phrase Jon Reiss coined in his filmmaking book called Think Outside the Box Office. The feedback was so awesome, that I decided to have the interview … [Read more...]