Film Finance: 5 Tips to Find Out if Your “Rich Guy” is Real

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5 Tips to Find Out if Your “Rich Guy” is Real By filmmaker, author and film finance expert Tom Malloy Film finance is all about trying to land an HNI (High Net Worth Individual) for your film.  And one of the main obstacles film makers face is qualifying if an investor is “Real.” In other words, REAL means that he or she CAN actually fund your film. Real investors are … [Read more...]

Five things Every New Filmmaker Should Know

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Being a first time filmmaker is like navigating rough waters. In fact, making movies is one of the few jobs in the world that, when done correctly looks extremely easy. If you know anything about the craft, you know making movies is challenging. However, do not let the idea of the work involved or the potential difficulty of the task stop you from making your first … [Read more...]

Audio Production Engineer

You can't fix audio in post  I mean, you can. Assuming you have the money and the time to record ADR and hire a group of audio professionals, you can probably fix some of your audio. But as guest poster Tony Tartaglia shares, having a skilled and thorough audio production engineer is an essential part of making a quality, polished film: As an audio production engineer, I … [Read more...]