Is The Panasonic GH4 Your Dream Camera?

Panasonic GH4

Is The Panasonic GH4 Your Dream Camera? By filmmaker Michael Head The future of production for the foreseeable future is 4K. This is true even if the majority of distribution will remain at 1080P and 2K for a while. But each day we get closer and closer to wide stream 4K distribution, be it through Netflix or even YouTube. That leaves camera manufacturers in a very … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Tips – The Magic of Filmmaking

Hollywood Image via Wikipedia This is one of those times when I'm looking back through old work; my student films and screenplays, and I immediately remember how enthusiastic I was about making movies. There was an entire summer when I saved every penny just to purchase a used Arri BL 16mm film camera and a few rolls of film. Back then (and it wasn't too long ago) it … [Read more...]

Film or HD

Back when I started, I spent an entire summer saving up cash to purchase an Arri BL 16mm camera. For those of you who have not shot film, the Arri BL represents the quintessential film student camera. It's rugged, durable and with the right lens, can shoot a great picture. The camera was actually used by the news media back in the day - but when applied to creative narrative, … [Read more...]