Should You Go To Film School?

If you're just starting out as a filmmaker, deciding if you should attend a traditional film school is something you need to decide. And it's a costly decision - some of my friends here in Los Angeles are over fifty-thousand dollars in debt. While most of my friends value having a college education, all agree that having a  film school degree will not guarantee success in … [Read more...]

Screenwriting: write what you don’t know

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An interesting twist on the old "write what you know" adage comes from aspiring screenwriter Mark McCann, who also is a policeman. One of his shorts was produced and has won some prizes and one of his feature scripts has just been optioned--for the fifth time. He told Arkansas Online: "I try to avoid writing movies about cops.  That may seem illogical, but let's face it… … [Read more...]

Professional Filmmaking Process – When To Make Your First Feature

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Sooner or later the filmmaking bug hits you. . . It's like a far off voice or compulsion. But like breathing, for the serious independent filmmaker, the need to make a feature is always present. BEFORE YOU GET CRAZY If you’re not making short movies with your friends, making a feature will be like running a marathon before you know how to walk.  SO, before you make your first … [Read more...]

I wrote my first screenplay, now what?

Image via Wikipedia For those of you who already wrote your feature script, congratulations. It’s a super cool accomplishment to write a screenplay. But don’t go crazy. Just because you have a script doesn’t mean Hollywood is going to knock down your door. Like any business, you now have something to sell. And like any business, part of your job is seeking out and finding … [Read more...]