Independent Film Financing

Today, I'm going to offer yet another bit of perspective on the whole question of how to raise money for movies. As you may or may not know, independent film funding can be a little overwhelming. If you've ever dabbled in the business side of making a movie, you know what I mean. The first time I heard people talk about writing a business plan or offering a private placement … [Read more...]

Interview with Peter D. Marshall

Peter D. Marshall is a filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. He has worked (and survived) in the Film and Television Industry for over 35 years - as a film director, television producer, first assistant director and TV Series creative consultant. He writes and publishes the monthly filmmaking ezine, "The Director's Chair" which is currently read by over 3400 filmmakers in 100 … [Read more...]

Interview with filmmaker Casey Walker

Ever wonder how to raise money for movies, but had trouble finding people willing to participate? For feature filmmaker Casey Walker, solving this problem only took a little creativity. By selling off frames of his movie, one frame at a time, Casey Walker's innovative approach to financing his current feature project, titled: Free For All...But You! has gotten him international … [Read more...]

Don’t Make Movies Without A Movie Marketing Plan

There has been a lot of talk about creating a movie marketing plan. I know you're excited about your movie idea. But I'm asking you not to make your movie without a marketing plan. Over the past decade, everything has changed for the indie filmmaker. These days, there is no excuse not to make a feature film. But just as importantly, there is no excuse not to view your … [Read more...]