FREE Marketing Advice For Filmmakers


Today I am supplying free marketing advice to filmmakers. (On this website, I usually always provide free advice of some sort.) And before you read another word, know this: The marketing tactics I'm about to share only work for smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial filmmakers. So if you're still living in a 1995 filmmaking paradigm,  stop reading now. I'll see you when your … [Read more...]

How To Build Your Audience Through Email

Build Your Audience

As a filmmaker, you can't attend any filmmaking event without someone talking about the importance of why you need to build your audience. So you can imagine my surprise when at a recent speaking gig, a filmmaker raised her hand and asked: "When you say build your audience, what does that mean?" Admittedly, until I got this question, it never really occurred to me that … [Read more...]

Why Do Filmmakers Need A List?

Filmmakers must build their own audience list

Like it or not, many social networking sites run the risk of going out of vogue. So as a filmmaker, if you are working to build a relationship with your audience - From day one, you will want to migrate your fans off the social networking sites and get them into your own email, mailing list. For this, I recommend using a reputable third-party email marketing service such as … [Read more...]