The Great Self Distribution Hoax

The Great Self Distribution Hoax

Do you want to know what really chaps my ass about self distribution? I get annoyed when I hear other filmmakers (and industry gurus) drone on and on about self distribution, as if it is a new concept or a last resort. Here's the deal. Anybody who is still talking about "self distribution" (as if it's a choice) is old school. For a little history lesson lets revisit the … [Read more...]

Sedona The Movie


Tommy Stovall is an independent filmmaker who has produced two feature films and is gaining notoriety in the indie film scene. His current project Sedona has just entered the marketplace to growing fanfare and buzz. But aside from getting his movie made, what makes Tommy's story interesting is why he passed on a distribution offer from Warner Brothers. Instead of going the … [Read more...]

Movie Marketing

As a filmmaker, you must realize that movie marketing is essential to your success. And while I'm sure you "know" this, you probably aren't doing anything about it. In an effort to provide you with bite sized steps you can take to accelerate your filmmaking success, I have listed the top ten things that all filmmakers must include in their movie marketing: Definable … [Read more...]

Facebook Streaming Movie Distribution

Facebook movie streaming distribution

The old model of independent filmmaking has made many traditional filmmakers into a bunch of wimps. As a result, wimpy filmmakers talk about DIY as if it's a new concept or a bad word. But step out of the indie world for a bit, and you realize that other (more traditional) businesses do it themselves. There are many reasons for our wimpy attitudes. As filmmakers, we have … [Read more...]

Movie Distribution (Without Asking Permission)

Film Distribution Action Guide

Over the past year, I have been invited to various filmmaking workshops and panel discussions to share my internet movie distribution system. My goal in doing these events is to show indie filmmakers how to leverage the internet, build an audience and get paid for their work. My other purpose is to help you (and other filmmakers) avoid my marketing mistakes. Let me explain. … [Read more...]