Sedona The Movie


Tommy Stovall is an independent filmmaker who has produced two feature films and is gaining notoriety in the indie film scene. His current project Sedona has just entered the marketplace to growing fanfare and buzz. But aside from getting his movie made, what makes Tommy’s story interesting is why he passed on a distribution offer […]

Why I hate DIY and Self Distribution

So I was out at another filmmaking event, this time focused on Horror Filmmakers – an arena I’m interested in because I totally enjoy making zombie movies. And in my conversations, I can’t tell you how many other filmmakers still talk about DIY and Self Distribution as if it’s a new concept or a last resort.

Movie Distribution (Without Asking Permission)

Film Distribution Action Guide

In this article, filmmaker Jason Brubaker shares his indie filmmaking distribution secrets with filmmakers interested in learning how to digitally distribute their movies on the internet.