Video On Demand Distribution MiddleMen


VOD Distribution is going to change the world. That was the thought running through my head a few years back when I watched a James Bond movie on my very small iPod. It was a time when video on demand distribution was new. The idea of consuming media without a physical DVD seemed weird. As a filmmaker, I was adjusting to the new paradigm... Video on demand distribution … [Read more...]

Movie Distribution Company Pipe Dream

As a feature filmmaker, it is important to maintain positive thinking and keep your fingers crossed for a great distribution deal. But the reality is – the movie industry is changing. New methods of distribution including Video On Demand and internet viewing continually erodes traditional sales channels. Good news and bad news: The good news is, you now have one of … [Read more...]

Prepping Your Film For Distribution

I originally published this article with The Independent, a great resource for filmmakers. Picture this! By some miracle to end all miracles, born of equal parts luck and blind determination, you’ve managed to rise above the never-ending barrage of questions from “concerned” friends and family who’ve always thought your talk about making movies was reckless. You’ve put … [Read more...]