What is Your Filmmaking Niche?

filmmaking niche

In movie marketing, there is this phrase I really like: "Marketing to everybody is marketing to nobody and niches will make you riches." And while not every movie is guaranteed success, it is much easier to find your audience when you choose a filmmaking niche. What is a filmmaking niche? It's making a movie for a small slice of a larger audience. For example, let's say you … [Read more...]

Making a Movie

The other night, I did a film school talk at the UCLA film school about how to make, market and sell your movie without the middle-man. And while most of the UCLA film students in attendance agreed that my way of making a movie may not be fully inline with the studio ideal - many of these filmmakers agreed that getting a movie made is better than merely just talking about … [Read more...]

Filmmaking For Multiple Streams Of Movie Income


The world of filmmaking is changing. Cheaply produced movies, coupled with nondiscriminatory distribution channels has resulted in oversupply and under-demand. This paradigm shift raises some questions: Can independent filmmakers still make a living? Can your indie film budget cover production, and pay freelancers? How many VOD sales will it take to justify the … [Read more...]