Thoughts On Distribber


Distribber is a digital film distributor that helps filmmakers get movies seen and selling in popular video on demand marketplaces. Unlike traditional film distributors, Distribber operates on an upfront payment model. You simply chose the platforms you want, pay a fee and Distribber goes to work. If Distribber is successful in getting your movie into the desired platform, … [Read more...]

Minimum Guarantees for Indie Films


Picture this. Your movie is in the festivals. People like it. They are buzzing about your movie and for the past three months, you have been getting calls from distributors. Exciting right? Except the distributors are not offering minimum guarantees. And as a result, you finally realize that 2005 really is over. Digital has shifted the filmmaking paradigm. Advances in … [Read more...]

How To Compress A Video


In the world of Internet video, we've come a long way since the dawn of the Internet Age. High speed connections have made it possible for people to stream HD quality films in a matter of seconds. If someone said to you in 1996, "Hey, I'm going to stream an HD movie tonight. Wanna come over and watch?" You'd probably have said, "What's HD," then, "What's streaming," and … [Read more...]

New Hampshire Film Festival

Over the past decade everything in the world of filmmaking has changed. Technology has improved. Distribution has evolved. And filmmakers have taken on the task of distributing their own movies. If you've been reading filmmaking stuff for any length of time, you know how much I obsess over distribution. Why? Because it is essential to your movie business. Without … [Read more...]

Movie Distribution: 7 Ways To Sell Your Movie Without The Middle Man

If you're a filmmaker with a movie... Before you accept some crappy distribution deal from a traditional movie distribution company - you might benefit from the following audio recording. In it, I provide seven steps you can utilize to sell your movie without the middle-man. As I have written before,  I believe the days of DVD distribution are numbered. And I think it is … [Read more...]