Film Distribution System

Film Distribution System

Independent filmmaking is often considered one of the riskiest businesses in the world. This is due, in large part to the inefficient nature of our business. Think about it. Indie film is one of few vocations where people create a product without any idea how they are going to market or sell it. Despite this reality, most indie filmmakers still make movies, subscribing to … [Read more...]

What Every Filmmaker Ought to Know About Movie Distribution


Movie distribution is one of least sexy areas of the entire filmmaking process. And I'll admit, when I was dreaming of my career in Hollywood - I never set out to become a leading movie distribution consultant. But after taking our first feature to market, I realized something. The movie distribution paradigm is totally broken. So here I am - on a mission to help you … [Read more...]

Video On Demand Distribution MiddleMen


VOD Distribution is going to change the world. That was the thought running through my head a few years back when I watched a James Bond movie on my very small iPod. It was a time when video on demand distribution was new. The idea of consuming media without a physical DVD seemed weird. As a filmmaker, I was adjusting to the new paradigm... Video on demand distribution … [Read more...]

How Do Filmmakers Compete?

With video on demand distribution and the emergence of several new VOD aggregators, independent movie distribution has become non-discriminatory. This means ALL filmmakers can access the marketplace without asking permission. While this is exciting, it now means the market is flooded with content. Couple this paradigm shift with the demise of DVD sales channels, and you'll … [Read more...]

Modern Moviemaking Explained

As a filmmaker, I don't need to tell you that things are changing. It seems like every day, the filmmaking community shares news of some new way to make, market and sell movies. I believe video on demand distribution represents freedom for filmmakers. While there are many great sales agents and distributors, I am totally bothered by the sales agents and middle-men who have … [Read more...]