Filmmaker Game Plan: 3 Steps For Filmmaking Success

Filmmaker Game Plan Large

Another year is upon us.  And as a filmmaker, a few things happened over the last 365 days. Either you: 1. Got closer to your filmmaking goals. 2. You changed your filmmaking goals. 3. Or you did nothing... If you chose #3 (and did noting), don't feel bad. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I'm speaking from experience. Back when I decided to move to NYC, I waited at least three … [Read more...]

Modern Moviemaking FAQs


Modern Moviemaking: Frequently Asked Questions If you are wondering about the future of filmmaking, I can tell you it is not Hollywood. It will be the gazillion filmmakers all over the world who take action, pick up a camera and make the movie they can make with the resources they have. There are a lot of people fearful of this shift. And this is understandable. I am not … [Read more...]