Thoughts On Distribber (Video On Demand Aggregator)


A few years back, I served as the director of operations for Distribber. At the time, Distribber was a wholly owned subsidiary of Indiegogo. For those of you not familiar with the service, Distribber is a Video On Demand aggregator with a mission to help filmmakers get their movies seen and selling in popular marketplaces. And unlike traditional film distributors, Distribber … [Read more...]

VOD Submission Prep


As a filmmaker, getting your movie into the various VOD marketplaces takes way longer than it should. The reason for this is simple. Every platform including iTunes, Amazon, NetFlix, Hulu and The Watchbox and Chill all want great content. The delivery standards required by some of these platforms are so high, that if even one frame is messed up, your title will be rejected! … [Read more...]

Three Steps For Netflix Distribution


UPDATE: You may want to read this article about Netflix Distribution Many indie filmmakers are interested in finding out how to distribute their titles on Netflix. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to provide some details and save you headaches. Step 1 - Verify The Netflix Database Netflix has a proprietary, systematic approach for scouting and selecting titles for their … [Read more...]

How To Prep Your Film For VOD


In the past, I was the Director of Operations for a company called Distribber. For those of you who don't know, Distribber is a VOD aggregator. (And in full disclosure, they pay me to promote.) During my time there, I learned that each video on demand platform is focused on providing the best viewing experience for their audience. And as a result, the biggest bottle-neck … [Read more...]

How Do Filmmakers Compete?

With video on demand distribution and the emergence of several new VOD aggregators, independent movie distribution has become non-discriminatory. This means ALL filmmakers can access the marketplace without asking permission. While this is exciting, it now means the market is flooded with content. Couple this paradigm shift with the demise of DVD sales channels, and you'll … [Read more...]