Professional Filmmaking Process – When To Make Your First Feature

Jason Brubaker - Los Angeles Based Indie Film Producer

Sooner or later the filmmaking bug hits you. . . It’s like a far off voice or compulsion. But like breathing, for the serious independent filmmaker, the need to make a feature is always present.


If you’re not making short movies with your friends, making a feature will be like running a marathon before you know how to walk.  SO, before you make your first feature film, do this:

  1. Spend the next couple of months making little movies with your friends.
  2. Read EVERY screenplay you can!
  3. Constantly write and refine your feature script.
  4. Cultivate relationships with rich and successful people.
  5. Avoid anyone in your life who sucks your filmmaking energy.

The Result?

Follow this system for the next six months and you will have no more excuses. You will diminish a large portion of fear regarding your movie making future. Sure, you’re about to formally enter the club of feature filmmakers. And this transition, like any, can represent change and fear of the unknown can be spooky.

But push through your fear and  the cumulative knowledge and experience you’ll gain is more than most wanna-be filmmakers will learn in a decade.

What are you waiting for?

Think of it this way, the average American lives for only 27,010 days (Just take 74 years multiplied by 365. Honestly, I don’t know if 74 years is the average or not. But 74 years old seems like a pretty good age.) Break your life into days, how many days do you have left? Not as many as you thought?

Well then, what are you waiting for? Create your career in the movie industry!

I’m serious about this. I know you’re reading these words right now because you want to make movies. Well, I’m here to remind you that it’s possible. But you must first take action! So without further adieu. . . Make Your Movie Now!


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