New Hampshire Film Festival

Over the past decade everything in the world of filmmaking has changed. Technology has improved. Distribution has evolved. And filmmakers have taken on the task of distributing their own movies.

If you’ve been reading filmmaking stuff for any length of time, you know how much I obsess over distribution. Why? Because it is essential to your movie business. Without distribution, it is difficult to get financing. So as you plan your next project, if you do not create a marketing, sales and distribution plan, you do not have a filmmaking business – You have a hobby.

On Saturday, October 15th you can find me at the New Hampshire Film Festival. I will be sharing the stage with a group of industry executives and distribution gurus – talking about the current state of movie marketing and distribution and what YOU need to do to get your movie seen and selling.

Film Distribution Topics Covered

  • Distribution Tools for filmmakers
  • How to get your movie into the popular marketplaces
  • SEO for filmmakers
  • How to optimize your movie website for maximum sales
  • Email marketing for filmmakers
  • Leveraging social networks (Twitter and FaceBook) to promote movies
  • And more…

In the event you cannot attend the New Hampshire Film festival, I suggest you grab a copy of the Indie Producer’s Guide to Digital Self-Distribution. The step-by-step system contains nearly a decade of movie marketing and distribution tactics so YOU can get your movie seen and selling ASAP.

The Indie Producer’s Guide To Distribution

This guide provides a step-by-step resource for getting your finished feature seen and sold. This site contains resources on how to leverage the ever changing world of digital distribution and internet marketing.

Happy Filmmaking!