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Jason Brubaker is a Los Angeles based producer and an expert in video on demand distribution.

LA Based Indie Producer Jason Brubaker

If you’re a filmmaker, I don’t need to tell you that the world of filmmaking is changing. And if you’re one of the many filmmakers with a feature film, but no ROI, then you probably already figured out that traditional distribution is no longer profitable.

My questions:

  1. Do you have a feature collecting dust?
  2. Or do you know someone who failed to garner a traditional distribution deal?

If so, then I want to help.

For those of you visiting Filmmaking Stuff for the first time, my name is Jason Brubaker. I’m an LA based indie producer and an expert in modern VOD distribution. In a nut-shell, I help filmmakers get their movies listed, seen (and selling) through popular VOD outlets, like iTunes.

To find out more about me, pick up this month’s Movie Maker Magazine. “The future of Movie Making 2010.” On page 38, you’ll see my article on how to market and sell your movie on the internet. You can also check out my other movie distribution articles here.

If you are interested in discussing ways I might help YOU get your movie seen and sold through various Video On Demand channels, please feel free to email me here: Jason(at)

Happy Filmmaking!

Jason Brubaker
Filmmaking Stuff


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