Movie Distribution

When I put on talks about internet movie distribution, I am often asked if filmmakers should still consider finding a traditional theatrical or DVD distribution deal. My answer to that question is simple: If you have an offer and you’re happy, it’s a deal.

The problem is, most traditional movie distribution offers suck.

And the bigger problem is, most filmmakers don’t find this out until long after the festivals are over, the money has been spent and the movie is in the can, collecting dust. This is usually the time when people call me for a consultation.

During the call we discuss various movie marketing strategies, both online and offline. Our firm is interested in finding movies that have a definable hook and an established target audience. A good client is someone who has crunched numbers and has realistic expectations on how much money the movie can potentially recoup and how long this will take…

Many first time feature filmmakers believe (rightly so) that they have the most amazing movie on earth – and they cannot understand why nobody has “bought it.” While I cannot speak for prospective acquisitions executives, I can tell you two things that I see a lot with independent movies:

  1. The movie has niche audience potential, but does not clearly communicate to the appropriate audience.
  2. The movie does not have a clearly definable niche audience, which means the movie targets everybody.

Out of both of these scenarios, the easier one is the niche. Depending on how you pronounce the word, niche rhymes with rich. And I firmly believe that niches will make you riches. But most filmmakers fail to think this way. But targeting everybody is the same as targeting nobody (think about it) and YOU don’t have enough money to target everybody.

The other point is this, many filmmakers believe that marketing is magic. It is not… I mean, when marketing strategies work out, it’s time to open the champagne and brag about how awesome you are. But if marketing was a sure thing, movies would never flop.

My company bills $600 per hour for movie marketing consulting. Depending where you are with your own marketing and sales strategy, you may wanna forgo consulting and just grab a copy of my movie distribution guide. To add extra value to the package, I have now added a half-hour phone call BONUS.

You can find out more about the movie distribution guide here: