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I’ve been getting a lot of email from up-and-coming filmmakers asking if there are any websites that help filmmakers find investors for their movie. In past articles, I’ve talked about money and some reasons why you need to be very careful in this arena. But the latest series of emails reminded me of a time when I had the same questions.

So just like you, dear reader, I did a few Google searches for “Independent Film Funding.” And in the spirit of helping you avoid silly mistakes, allow me to list my top three questions:

1. How many business savvy investors are seeking filmmakers via a website built in 1995?
2. Why do I have to submit my credit card information?
3. You want me to pay you, to pitch a movie to you, so you will think about investing?

I know that most of you reading these articles would like to steer clear of unscrupulous tactics. But to do this, you’ll have to get smart. If you want to be successful as a filmmaker, you need to learn business. And I’m not just talking the movie business, but business in general. Depending where you go for money, you may have to pitch your movie idea to a soap manufacturer. Are you prepared to explain your movie business with general business terms like: cash flow, rate of return, asset, income and expense, revenue, profit and loss?

If so, you’re well on your way to talking the talk. And to address the first point of this article – I’m sure there are more than a few legitimate websites out there for filmmakers seeking funding. But there is still one predominate resource for money that happens to be incredibility relevant. It’s the rich people in your personal network.

I know what you’re thinking… What if you don’t know any rich people? Then you need to make some new friends. One easy way to find potential investors is through cold calling. When I first started, I looked for the biggest businesses in my home town. Then I found out who owned the business. After that, I called the person directly and asked to meet. Some of the people I met with back then have become good friends and trusted advisers. And now, when I have an idea for a pitch, I pitch it to them.

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If you are wondering how to get money for your movie – Almost every resource will tell you that you need a business plan. Very few resources will tell you how to actually go out, find prospective investors, qualify them, contact them, get a meeting and build a relationship.

Since getting money for movies was such a frustrating experience for me, I spent the last few months creating: The Independent Producer’s Guide To Financing Your Movie. In it, YOU will gain valuable insider experience so you can avoid my past mistakes, find investors and make your movie. To learn more CLICK HERE