How To Fix Your Movie Website

Special Dead Celebrity Edition

Image by Mike Licht, via Flickr

Most filmmakers have no idea how to optimize their movie website. Most filmmakers have no idea what the word optimization means.

As traditional distribution sales channels erode, replaced by various internet marketplaces such as Amazon and iTunes, it has become essential for filmmakers to increase traffic to their website.

The first thing I suggest is to reserve your domain name and get your site hosted at a reputable company. My partner movie site host is a great for this. But there are others too.

Once your site is hosted, I recommend forgetting HTML and instead opting to set up a wordpress site. WordPress is a content management system. The reason why I prefer this type of setup over HTML sites for movies is ease of use. If you know how to send email, you know how to update the content on your website.

Here are examples of wordpress websites for movies:

In all of these movies, you’ll see a very similar theme. The sites are simple. Some people might even argue that they are too simple. But this is incorrect. These sites are designed to optimize conversions. When a visitor comes to the site, we don’t want them to get lost.

Instead, in the case of Special Dead, we want the site to say:

Attention Zombie Fans Seeking Good Zombie Movies!

Special Dead  is a must see movie about zombies attacking a camp…

If you check your stats and see visitors are getting distracted by pages that don’t lead to the sale, you must get rid of those pages, or optimize them to continue the funnel process.