How To Find Investors For Your Movie

If you ever wondered how to get money to make your movie, you’re not alone. As filmmakers, many of us would rather focus on our filmmaking – And if we had it our way, we would save the go-get-movie-money for a producer.

Back when I started my filmmaking career, I crossed my fingers a lot, hoping that some producer would magically appear in my life, discover my  brilliant material and give me a million dollars to make my movie. Of course the reality is: you get nothing in life until stop allowing other people to give you permission.

In my situation, I did not know producers. I did not have money. And I didn’t know any rich people.  But I knew I wanted to make movies. And I knew I needed money.

Then later, as I expanded my network to include other filmmakers, my nagging question was always in the back of my mind. “How do I get the money to make my movie?”

While asking around, most people told me I needed to find a willing doctor or dentist and ask them for money. UGH! That was so frustrating. The reason? Because it’s old thinking. In the past, movies were a good tax shelter for wealthy self employed professions. Not so much anymore. (Of course I learned that the hard way!)

It wasn’t until I moved to New York City and worked with a producer when I finally learned how people REALLY finance their movies. I learned there is a well defined, systematic approach to getting money. And it doesn’t involve self employed dentists and doctors.

If you’re looking for movie money, here are some tips:

  1. Ask around and see if you have rich people in your network. Then meet them.
  2. People make money in different ways. As employees, self employed, big business owners and investors. Make sure you know how your prospective investor makes money. Then form your pitch accordingly.
  3. Despite popular thought, most prospective investors were not born rich. Many are self made. They value hard work. And they will be looking to see what you can do for them.

As you go out and build relationships with prospective movie investors, just remember – Your independent movie is YOUR business. Respect it accordingly.

– – –
If you are wondering how to get money for your movie – Almost every resource will tell you that you need a business plan. Very few resources will tell you how to actually go out, find prospective investors, qualify them, contact them, get a meeting and build a relationship.

Since getting money for movies was such a frustrating experience for me, I spent the last few months creating: The Independent Producer’s Guide To Financing Your Movie. In it, YOU will gain valuable insider experience so you can avoid my past mistakes, find investors and make your movie. To learn more CLICK HERE


  1. JOE MIZERA says

    Hi…I have several action spec scripts. And I have a few technical contacts in LA. We just need funding. We are open to suggestions, on site supervision, placing investor relatives in the film and whatever’s needed to keep the investors happy and long term partners.

  2. MuNa says

    How do I find if anyone is interested in funding very low budget, British Indian film? Set in the UK. Half a million pounds. 50-50 profit share. Experienced director. Touchy story.

  3. Nitish yadav says

    Hey – I’m Nitish yadav from India(lucknow).

    My great and creative Script is complete. Please I want producer of make movie with me own my Creative Stories.. I want investor of my script.

  4. Trina Best says

    I am seeking an investor for my film and would like to speak further with you if possible.

  5. Romeo says

    C’mon people, Mr. Brubaker is not going to fund your projects. Buy his book, and learn the ropes!


  6. Clifton Phifer says

    Hello my name is Clifton Phifer you may call me clif i have a great idea for a movie ive done my research and its a movie like no other. if you are interested and knowing more and investing send me an email.
    Thank you.

  7. Ulisse Yelian says

    Dear sir,
    I am from west Africa and I already have my scrpt done, and I am looking for an investor who is ready willing to make this challenge for my country Senegal and west Africa, please contact me for more informations, mostly about the script, the opportunity for people in need and also for the investor who will invest few amount to win more than 100% more….
    Wish to here for you sir, for a good features collaborations

  8. says


  9. Edwin Autridge says

    Hello, my name is Edwin Autridge. I am a local actor in Edmonton Alberta seeking investment for a film project which I am certain will open many doors for Edmonton in the film industry and create many opportunities for other actors who would love the chance to make their dreams a reality. My script is almost completed and is ready to take the following steps needed to pre-production, which will be promoting the film such as radio ads, website, and television ads. I will be able to reveal more information on the feature film once there is some interest in investing in the film, this is a business opportunity that will not want to be past up because with the proper funding this film will not only generate great income but will be the start of future projects and many more business opportunities for local actors, filmmakers, myself and of course you the investor of the film. I encourage that this will be taken into consideration as this project will be the start of something that has never been done before which is putting Edmonton on the map in the film industry rather than on the map for murders. This business opportunity will be great for the youth in the community because they will get the chance to expand their horizon and give them more options for future goals that they themselves felt could not be accomplished. I hope this message will reach the right person and together we will make Edmonton a new source in the film industry. Below is a list of my contact information.
    780 249 6578

  10. Mr. Calogero Diana says

    Dear Mr.Jason Brubaker ,

    First of all i would like to thank you for your kind attention that you will dedicate to my requirment . Let me introduce myself . I m Italian resident in Principality of Monaco . I would like to cooperate with your Company, ( distribution, selling , financing ).
    For your guidance i m planning to move to LA.
    Looking forward to receive your answer .

    Kind regards

    Calogero Diana

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