Get Money for Movie

How do I get money for my movie?

This is the one question everyone wants to know. I’ve scoured the internet as well. And it was nearly impossible for me to find answers. Heck, I moved to NYC and worked with a producer… And there, I finally figured out how independent filmmakers get movies made.

Here are 5 secrets:

1. Filmmakers set a high budget, but then get a lot of stuff for free.
2. Filmmakers figure out ways to exchange advertising and publicity for food and services.
3. Filmmakers get money from friends and family. [Update: getting movie money from friends, family and your social network is now much easier with crowdfunding.]
4. Filmmakers go into shared risk/participation deals with other film professionals. (For example, a filmmaker brings on a DP willing to pay money in exchange for ownership.)
5. Filmmakers create friendships with rich and successful people.

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If you are wondering how to get money for your movie – Almost every resource will tell you that you need a business plan. Very few resources will tell you how to actually go out, find prospective investors, qualify them, contact them, get a meeting and build a relationship.

Since getting money for movies was such a frustrating experience for me, I spent the last few months creating: The Independent Producer’s Guide To Financing Your Movie. In it, YOU will gain valuable insider experience so you can avoid my past mistakes, find investors and make your movie. CLICK HERE to learn more.