Filmmaking ROI: How Many VOD Downloads Does It Take..?

2006-01-28 Pu money

I have no idea how this chunk of wood relates to Filmmaking. But it looked neato. Image via Wikipedia

I always hated math. Then last year after finishing up one of our movies, we realized that most of our distribution offers sucked.

So in order to make back our money and (hopefully) make a profit, I had to learn some math. The actual equation was really quite simple – and a good case study for your own filmmaking projects.

Let’s suppose you go out and raise $100K for your movie. And let’s say you make your movie, but you do not garner a dream distribution deal. And for the sake of this article, let’s say the only way you can recoup your investment is by making $4.99 (after expenses) off of each VOD download sold.

Then here are my questions to you: How many VOD downloads must you sell to pay back your investors? How many VOD downloads must you sell to make a living as a professional filmmaker? And how will you plan your marketing to make this a reality?

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