DiGi Worldwide Acquires Distribber from Indiegogo

A few years back, I was the director of operations for Distribber. This was a time when Distribber was a wholly owned subsidiary of Indiegogo.

For those of you not familiar with the service – Distribber is a Video On Demand aggregator with a mission to help filmmakers get their movies seen and selling in popular marketplaces. And unlike a traditional distributor, Distribber operates on an upfront payment model.

This means you:

1. Choose your preferred platforms and pay for access.

2. Distribber then works to get your movie into the platform.

If Distribber is  not successful in getting your movie into the selected platform – Distribber refunds your money – minus a processing fee. And unlike most traditional distributors or aggregators, Distribber does not take a revenue percentage off the back-end or lock you into a long-term unfavorable deal.

[Disclosure: We are a referral partner for Distribber. This means we get paid to advertise and promote. So please conduct your own due diligence prior to making any purchase both here and everywhere on earth.]

I first heard about Distribber years ago when I was trying to help my entrepreneurial filmmaker clients get their titles onto iTunes. At the time, I was so enamored by the company that I enthusiastically applied to become a referral partner. And after working successfully with several clients, I was hired to run operations.

Suffice it to say, I know the company very well and have stayed friendly with the founder and staff. And for these reasons, I am extremely happy to share some exciting news. As of today, Distribber is under new ownership!

DistribberDiGi Worldwide Acquires Distribber from Indiegogo

Nick Soares and his team at DiGi Worldwide, a leading feature film distribution company, announced the purchase of Distribber from Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform.

With the acquisition, the new Distribber has ambitious goals.  Already, the service has been updated to include partnerships with Redbox, Redbox Instant, Walmart, VuDu, Google Play, amongst others. And from what the management reports – Distribber also has plans to expand to new territories including UK, Russia, South America and China.

They have also enhanced the technology a bit.  Here is a snapshot of their new reporting tools:


Distribber has advanced its technology and platform by adding new tools that include an affiliate program and a revenue-reporting tool. With these new distribution partnerships and capabilities, combined with the ability to retain 100 percent of the films’ revenue, gives customers more viability in the marketplace for their films.

We acquired Distribber simply because it completed our robust game plan. Allowing filmmakers to receive every option imaginable from funding to distribution, while maximizing their potential to not only return their investment but to actually make a living producing movies.”  Nick Soares CEO

About Distribber

Distribber1Distribber was created to help rights holders maximize the payback from their work and investment.

More specifically, Distribber was conceived as a solution to several persistent complaints from filmmakers and other creative rights holders about distributors in general and aggregators in particular.

In other words, the goal of Distribber is to put the power of a large distributor in the filmmakers hands. To out more about the Distribber service offering, follow this link.




  1. says

    There is still a huge market in cable as well as DVD. So the sales agents and traditional distributors will have business for years to come. After that? Then I guess we shall see!

  2. says

    Great news for Distribber! And filmmakers alike. It’s crazy, but what you wrote at the end of the post:

    In other words, the goal of Distribber is to put the power of a large distributor in the filmmakers hands.

    The plan to reach UK, Russia, South America and China! This is way huge. I mean Distribber has always seem like the “go to” aggregator in my book, but with the added boost of a new backer … Effective Global Distribution will no longer be a barrier.

    What will become of international sales agents and distributors?

    I’m glad I read the news on this site, knowing that you have intimate knowledge of the company, as opposed to the AP.

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