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Distribber is a digital film distributor that helps filmmakers get movies seen and selling in popular video on demand marketplaces. Unlike traditional film distributors, Distribber operates on an upfront payment model. You simply chose the platforms you want, pay a fee and Distribber goes to work.

If Distribber is successful in getting your movie into the desired platform, you get to keep 100% of your movie’s revenue. If for whatever reason a platform “passes” on your movie, Distribber will refund the majority of your submission fee.

A few years back, I served as the director of operations at Distribber. At the time, the company was owned by the popular crowfunding platform Indiegogo. I helped dozens of filmmakers circumvent traditional middle-men in favor of a more transparent deals. One of our filmmaker clients was Nick Soares. Him and I had frequent, enthusiastic phone conversations about the future of distribution and overall movie promotional strategy. I could tell Nick loved the idea of creating a film distribution utopia.

I left Distribber in 2013 and worked for several other distribution entities. I was pleasantly surprised one day, several months later when I got a call from Nick.

“Jason. I’m buying Distribber.”

In the months that followed, Nick was able to staff up Distribber with account managers, software developers and some seasoned distribution veterans like Michael Sorenson. (Michael is the director of operations and one of the most knowledgeable distribution technicians I’ve ever worked with.)

Given the company-wide mission and growth, it didn’t take a lot of convincing when Nick asked me to once again work with Distribber. Last year Distribber sent me to Toronto. And in the months since, I have been able to sketch out our business development, marketing and film acquisitions initiatives.

If you read the trades, you may have also noticed Distribber is growing.


Why Distribber?

For a little context on why I love the service, it is important to understand traditional distribution.

With traditional distribution, in order to access the marketplace, you have to hand over a percentage of ownership to a middle-man. And if the deal is bad, you either take it “for exposure” or your don’t reach the marketplace. You can guess why many filmmakers dislike distribution.

This is where Distribber helps. For an upfront fee and without being forced to sign an exclusive deal, filmmakers can cut out the traditional middle-man and access mainstream marketplaces. With this transparent model, Distribber is very filmmaker friendly.

To get started:

1. You choose your preferred VOD platforms (affiliate link) and pay for access.

2. Distribber then works to get your movie into the platform.

Again, to repeat what I mentioned earlier: If Distribber is not successful in getting your movie into the selected platform, Distribber refunds your money, minus a small service fee. Distribber can accept features, shorts and TV Shows.

Distribber_VODDistribber  is always working to add new territories, new tracking tools as well as an affiliate program. With new distribution partnerships and capabilities, combined with the ability to retain ownership, filmmakers have more viability in the marketplace for their films.

Here is a snapshot of the Distribber reporting tools:


More About Distribber

Distribber was created to help filmmakers maximize payback from their work.

“We acquired Distribber simply because it completed our robust game plan. The service allows filmmakers to receive every option imaginable from funding to distribution, while maximizing their potential to not only return their investment, but to actually make a living producing movies.” 

– Nick Soares CEO

More specifically, the goal of Distribber is to put the power of a large distributor in the filmmakers hands. To find out more about the Distribber service offering, follow this link. And if you have questions, please feel free to add them to the comments below.


  1. Scott says

    I love the simplicity of the service. It’s great to hear your involvement with Distribber again Jason.

    It wasn’t long ago, some aggregators were trying to claim 50% of the returns in exchange for helping a filmmaker get their film onto these platforms. Then there are revenue models were an aggregator will charge a fee, then take a percentage for every sale thereafter.

    I love seeing that Distribber is staying true to it’s core of a simple service.

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