Digital Self Distribution For Independent Filmmakers

As a filmmaker with a finished feature film, it’s important to maintain positive thinking and keep your fingers crossed for a great distribution deal.

But after months and months of hustle, the reality of how you’ll garner ROI (return on investment) might be slightly different than the idealized imaginings of the 3 picture deals you once had.

Let’s face it, the old way of  indie filmmaking is over.

No longer can you make a movie on spec and cross your fingers for theatrical distribution or even straight to DVD distribution. These old school distribution outlets are more like pipe dreams than a viable marketplace.

So what now?

How about the future of filmmaking?

But this time around, instead of being limited by a few territorial deals, you can (from your bedroom), market your movie to a global audience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

For those of you who have a feature film on a book-shelve, it’s time to get it selling. In future videos, I will work to address all the new methods in digital self distribution of your movie.


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