Crowdfunding and Independent Movie Distribution

A few weeks back I gave a talk and was surprised that many filmmakers in attendance had never heard of crowdfunding.

If you are one of those filmmakers, crowdfunding provides you with the ability to reach out to your social networks and solicit your contacts for financial sponsorship.

Crowdfunding and Independent Movie Distribution

In this “many to one” funding model, in exchange for donations, you provide various incentives. $5 dollars might get your sponsor a DVD. $500 dollars might get your sponsor an all expenses paid trip to the premier.

The other reason why I like crowdfunding is, it allows you to test a concept and source an audience from day one. In this regard, if your movie has a really sharp hook, you have the possibility of building buzz before you make your movie.

I have provided the following resources to help speed up your crowdfunding research:

Popular Crowdfunding Sites – Indie GoGo allows filmmakers to raise money and take whatever they get. Indie GoGo also owns a movie distribution arm called distribber. – This an all or nothing deal. Filmmakers either hit their goal, or they get nothing.

Distribution Tools

Assuming you are successful in your funding campaign, you will want to start thinking about your distribution strategy. To help with this, check out the following, popular distribution solutions: (my affiliate) – Owned by Indie GoGo, with a one-time upfront fee, this company allows filmmakers to access popular VOD marketplaces, in a non-exclusive deal.

Also, read this article from the Wall Street Journal – The SEC is considering lifting regulations on private offerings. In the very near future, filmmakers may be able to sell shares of ownership through crowdfunding. It’s still a long way away, but worth thinking about.

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  1. says

    Crowdfunding works if you take the time and effort to source an initial target audience. This offers you a good way to test a movie concept before you jump in both feet first – it’s like a massive focus group. Does your movie have audience appeal? Better to know in the initial stages than spend investor money and get no return.

    Nobody should rely on the Crowdfunding companies to source an audience. That is not why these companies exist. These companies exist to facilitate a “many to one” funding effort.

  2. Judy says

    IndieGoGo was a waste of time. Crowdfunding will work if you have a banal mundane project. If IndieGoGo doesn’t like your project, they aren’t going to get it out there to their lists of potential contributors. Don’t think crowdfunding is a wise way to try and raise funds. Jason – you have a good gig going! I’m out of here

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