Movie Producer Jason BrubakerI will provide you a no-strings-attached 20 minute PHONE consultation with me. For just $100 and no additional fees, I will be happy to discuss your movie distribution strategy. Then later, if you choose to work with me further, it will be your choice.

In the 20 minutes you have me on the phone you can:

  • Ask my advice on your current movie marketing and distribution strategy.
  • Get my opinion on your movie website
  • Go over your movie marketing and art collateral
  • Discuss ways to build your movie audience
  • Brainstorm ways to improve sales of your movie
  • Anything else you may want to talk about that’s not on this list.

The $100 you pay for this consultation can be used as a credit towards any product or service worth $200 or more. This consultation may only be purchased and applied ONCE.

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