Would You Cast Actors Based On Twitter?


Yesterday I met with a pretty well known Indie producer. We were talking about audience engagement and how filmmakers are now responsible for sourcing an audience. I'm a sucker for useful, actionable tips. So I asked him how he engages his audience. Actors Hired Based On Their Twitter Followers To give you an idea of budget range, this guy produces movies around … [Read more...]

Make A Movie

If you want to make a movie, you need to stop making mental lists of all the reasons why your movie won't work. You need to stop pretending that you need more money. You need to stop letting life pass you by... This is the problem with most filmmakers. They get paralysis of analysis. They make excuses. And then another year passes without a feature. I know why. You're … [Read more...]

Make Your Movie in 21 Parts

Dear Filmmaker, When I was starting out, I was probably a lot like you. I wanted to make movies but I had no idea how to get started. I was living in a small town. And nobody around me had ever made a movie. Now, almost a decade later, I live and work in Los Angeles. I have made several feature films and I know the nuts-and-bolts of making movies. I want to share my … [Read more...]