Would You Cast Actors Based On Twitter?

Yesterday I met with a pretty well known Indie producer. We were talking about audience engagement and how filmmakers are now responsible for sourcing an audience. I’m a sucker for useful, actionable tips. So I asked him how he engages his audience.

Actors Hired Based On Their Twitter Followers

To give you an idea of budget range, this guy produces movies around two-million dollars. And one way he builds buzz is by hiring a socially active team, especially when it comes to casting actors. Here is an overview of how he casts his movies:

  1. Hold an audition for the actors.
  2. For each role, narrow down to two equally talented actors.
  3. Choose the actor who has greater Twitter followers. (Facebook fans and email lists count too.)

He then sets it up so cast and crew continually promote the project from prep through post and into distribution. This ongoing engagement provides rabid fans with value – they get frequent, awesome updates. And from a producing perspective, this shared social engagement helps to inexpensively spread word of mouth. What do you think? Would you cast actors based on Twitter followers?

Make A Movie

If you want to make a movie, you need to stop making mental lists of all the reasons why your movie won’t work. You need to stop pretending that you need more money. You need to stop letting life pass you by…

This is the problem with most filmmakers. They get paralysis of analysis. They make excuses. And then another year passes without a feature.

I know why. You’re afraid of failure. You’re afraid that if you make a movie, everybody will know how bad you suck as a filmmaker.

I get it. But here is the deal. A large percentage of the population is going to hate you anyway. So you may as well accept this and make a movie.


Instead of asking yourself what you need to make a movie, ask yourself this question: “Given the resources that I have right now, what is the movie that I can make this year?”


Make Your Movie in 21 Parts

Dear Filmmaker,

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Now, almost a decade later, I live and work in Los Angeles. I have made several feature films and I know the nuts-and-bolts of making movies. I want to share my knowledge with you.

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This is my way of saying Happy Filmmaking!


Jason Brubaker
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