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Film festivals provide an invaluable way for filmmakers to get movies in front of an audience. Additionally, garnering acceptance to the various film festivals can provide avenues for networking, career promotion and possible a three-picture deal. A few months back, we reached out to our Filmmaking Stuff Newsletter subscribers and asked them to recommend their favorite film festivals. The response was…

Video 101 Book Review


Over the past few years video technology has evolved so to the point that even the smallest cameras can produce cinematic results. With that said, camera technology will never replace camera technique. So the question is, what are you doing to improve your own video skills?

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Sell Your Movie Action Pack

Are you afraid to start selling your movie on iTunes and Amazon and Hulu because this will somehow deter traditional distributors turned aggregators from acquiring your movie… So that they can get your movie onto Amazon, iTunes and Hulu? Please explain…

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If you have a filmmaking friend that would benefit from becoming part of our filmmaking community, please feel free to send them to this article.

Apps for Filmmakers

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In an effort to create useful iPhone apps for filmmakers, is being launched today. The site will help take filmmaking out of Hollywood, and put it into the hands of filmmakers, literally

Movie Making Tools Update


If you’re new to Filmmaking Stuff, welcome. If you’re a frequent reader, then you know that my major mission is to help you make your movie now! For about the last six months, I have been working to update our Filmmaking Stuff sister resource – I wanted to create a storefront where I could offer more advanced information.

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Your friendships with other filmmakers dictate the scope and scale of your movies. And while not everyone you meet in the movie industry is going to become your best friend, it’s always great to know who to call, to help you make things happen.