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Five Filmmaker Success Tactics You Need To Utilize

Filmmaker Success Tactics

The world of filmmaking is changing. Producing movies is getting cheaper. And distribution outlets are accessible. This is a paradigm shift. It's only a matter of time until the ripple effect has a leveling impact on Hollywood. Will you be ready? Five Filmmaker Success Tactics You Need To Utilize These practical filmmaker success tactics should be helpful. Filmmaker … [Read more...]

Question: Should Filmmakers Move To Hollywood?


Should filmmakers move to Hollywood? That's the question I asked myself as I packed everything I could into my car. I had spent the previous year grinding towards filmmaking success in New York City, while sleeping on an inflatable air mattress. And after burning through my bank account, I was looking for a change. Hollywood seemed like a much more exciting … [Read more...]

How To Break Into Hollywood (Without Moving Here)

how to break into hollywood

If you're still wondering how to break into Hollywood, I have good news. Given advances in production technology, you do not have to break into Hollywood to make money making movies. But if you are like most filmmakers, you probably wouldn't mind a little Hollywood recognition. I mean, the upside of building a Hollywood career means that you no longer have to seek private … [Read more...]

What Are Your Filmmaking Goals?

Filmmaking Goals

If you've been making (or wanting to make) movies for any length of time, you know that the idea of seeing your work on the screen is totally fun, exciting and (let's be honest) challenging. By now you have probably also realized that nothing in filmmaking (or life) happens until you take action. And you can't take action until you actually know your filmmaking … [Read more...]

Fighting The Urge To Quit Filmmaking

Quit Filmmaking

Filmmaking can be challenging. Many times you face obstacles you never imagined. And sometimes the thought of quitting just makes sense. Do you ever fight the urge to quit filmmaking? Believe me, I have been there. When I first started, a few things sucked. Here's my story: Fighting The Urge To Quit Filmmaking Picture this! You leave your small town and move to New … [Read more...]