How to Generate A Sticky Story Your Audience Will Love

sticky story

What do you think is the most important element of your pitch? After listening to thousands of pitches I can tell you that a “sticky story,” not just a story, but one I can easily remember. When you pitch someone it’s an opportunity to spread the word about your film to all their friends, right? Yes, but only if they can remember it. “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath … [Read more...]

Recent Blackmagic Design Updates Provide Good News For Filmmakers

Blackmagic Design Updates

Blackmagic Design Updates by Michael Head Consumers sometimes claim that manufacturers ignore their customers and leave out key features that could be implemented. On one hand, this has led to great programs like the Magic Lantern group for Canon DSLRs - On the other hand, some manufacturers seem to ignore consumer requests and produce cameras each year with only minimal … [Read more...]

My Secret Filmmaking Software Stash Revealed


How I Found The Secret Filmmaking Software Stash (and How You Can Benefit.) If you're looking for filmmaking software, I found a major bargain on brand new software. Since everybody loves a story, let me give you some insight... Aside from making and marketing movies, I LOVE finding treasures. (Who doesn't, right?) In fact, I go to extremes. If you ever come out to … [Read more...]

Why VHS Is The NEW Filmmaking Standard


What I'm about to share is totally bangin, crunk and fantabulous! Forget those Super 8mm cameras! Forget all those hours you spend fighting traffic to drop off your cartridges at the local drug store. Forget the weeks you spend waiting for your camera footage to be developed! And forget about those clunky movie screens you set up in your living room. (My screen broke … [Read more...]

All-Day Filmmaker Summit


Who Else Wants To Join 3 Established Filmmakers Willing To Reveal Their Step-by-Step System So You Can Finally Make Your Movie And Sell It. Dear Filmmaker, Long before I moved to Los Angeles and years before I made my first feature, I was a lot like you. I had notebooks full of movie ideas. I had screenplays that were in some stage of development. I had a closet full of … [Read more...]