Filmmaker FAQ

As a filmmaker, getting a movie made, seen and sold can be a challenge. Filmmaking Stuff was established to provide useful filmmaking tips and strategies. And over the last few years, we have received hundreds of questions from filmmakers seeking advice on all aspects of the process. Most filmmakers ask questions related to screenwriting, film finance, filmmaking, movie marketing, sales and distribution. Below you will find filmmaker frequently asked questions. If you question is not covered, you can contact us with your questions. While we don’t guarantee your question will be published in the Filmmaker FAQ column, we will try our best to get back to you with a response.

Modern Moviemaking Manifesto

modern moviemaking manifesto

Without a defined market or an established sales channel, it is difficult to justify financing, which makes it very difficult to pay cast and crew – which, by the way, makes it difficult to produce a movie.

Making a Documentary

how to make a documentary

When it comes to making a documentary, many filmmakers have similar questions. And when it comes to getting answers to those questions, very few people are more qualified than Faith Fuller. She is a seasoned documentary producer and she stopped by filmmaking stuff to answer some frequent documentary questions. Making a Documentary Filmmaking Stuff Reader […]

How To Get Your Movie Noticed


Since the days of Ed Burns and Kevin Smith, film production has gotten a lot cheaper. The world is now saturated with bad movies. So your first goal is obviously perfecting your craft so that you make good movies. And while some filmmakers hit a home run with their first movie, many filmmakers don’t. You […]