Break BIG filmmaking goals into daily tasks.

As movie makers, each new year gives us time to reflect on past accomplishments and future goals. So in celebration of the new year, I thought I would provide you with a year in review and year anew exercise. Take a moment to answer these 5 questions:

1. What did you achieve last year?
2. What did you want to achieve, but didn’t? What obstacles got in your way?
3. What do you want to accomplish this year?
4. What obstacles must you overcome to reach your goal?
5. What is one thing you can complete today that will put you one step closer?

As a filmmaker, I assume your primary goal is to make a movie. As a goal, this sounds impressive. But as we all know, sometimes BIG goals can be overwhelming… And whenever you’re overwhelmed by a goal, procrastination sets in.

One simple way avoid filmmaking procrastination and other excuses, is to break your BIG goals into smaller and smaller chunks until you have a list of daily tasks.  For example, lets say one big goal is to hire an up-and-coming Director of Photography who shares your vision. As a stand alone goal this is a pretty tall order, but broken down, finding a DP is quite manageable. Here are some daily tasks:

1. Call friends of friends for recommendations.
2. Put ad on Criag’s List seeking DP.
3. Review Demo Reels.
4. Call prospective DP’s for interview or lunch.
5. Meet and negotiate terms that work within your budget.
6. The DP agrees or you repeat the process.

Remember filmmakers, nothing of major significance happens unless you have a clear understanding of your goals. And BIG goals can always be broken into smaller tasks.

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